Table 4.

Odds Ratios and 95% Confidence Intervals Calculated from Multilevel Logistic Regression Models Analyzing the Probability of Visiting the Family Practitioner for Psychological and Musculoskeletal Problems in the Year After the Disaster

OR95% CIOR95% CI
Relocated victims (ref controls)10.658.15–13.940.980.76–1.26
Nonrelocated victims (ref controls)4.243.58––1.35
Women in interaction with:
    Relocated victims1.561.17––1.42
    Nonrelocated victims1.531.37–1.691.151.04–1.26
Low/medium SES in interaction with:
    Relocated victims1.040.70–1.801.060.70–1.60
    Nonrelocated victims1.431.27–1.611.361.22–1.51
Age in interaction with:
    Relocated victims1.171.08––1.26
    Nonrelocated victims1.08*1.05––1.18
Psychological problems before the disaster in interaction with:
    Relocated victims2.31*1.42–3.761.911.23–2.97
    Nonrelocated victims3.59*3.10–4.151.441.25–1.65
  • OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.

  • * Odd ratios of victims and controls that differ statistically significantly.