Table 1.

Sociodemographic Characteristics of Respondents With and Without a History of Cancer

CharacteristicsCancer Survivors (n = 1,904)General Population Controls (n = 29,092)P*
Age (years)
    50 to 6426.920.8
Education attainment
    High school graduate or less52.446.1<.001
    Some college or technical school27.429.2
    College or more advanced degree20.224.7
    Non-Hispanic white89.072.2
    Non-Hispanic black5.411.7
    Other (non-Hispanic)1.84.6
Marital status
    Currently married/living with partner64.263.80.74
    Not currently married/partnered35.836.3
Annual household income
Comorbid conditions
    Three or more9.51.6
Time since cancer diagnosis (years)
    2 to 529.8
    6 to 1018.7
  • Data source: National Health Interview Survey 2002; weighted percentages were extrapolated from the US census (2000) for the adult civilian. All data presented as percentages.

  • * Categorical variables were compared with univariate logistic regression; P values are two-sided.