Table 2.

Prevalence of Sleep Symptoms among Primary Care Patients Studied (N = 1934)

Overall<65 Years Old (n = 1481)≥65 Years Old (n = 424)P (for Age Comparison)
During the day
    Feels sleepy ≥ once a week doing daily activities107055.482055.423856.3.743
    Dozes off ≥ once a week doing daily activities71837.152535.518744.2.001
At night
    Legs fell unpleasant, tingling, creeping, restless ≥ once a week54428.241728.212228.9.780
    Snores loudly ≥ once a week63833.051334.711928.2.013
    Reports stopping breathing or gasping for breath during sleep26213.622014.9399.2.003
    Wakes ≥3 times66434.452735.612930.5.051