Table 4.

Risk Odds Ratio Between Demographic and Health Status Variables and Sleep Disorder Symptoms among Primary Care Patients (n = 1934)

VariablesSleep Disorder Symptoms
Sleepy during Daily ActivitiesDozes Off during Daily ActivitiesSymptoms Suggesting Restless Leg SyndromeLoud SnoringStops Breathing or Gasps for BreathAwakens ≥3 Times per Night
    Age ≥651.031.44§1.030.740.580.79
    Female gender1.§0.691.28
    African-American (vs white)0.891.120.931.131.001.16
    Latino (vs white)0.53§0.49§0.46§0.53§1.200.82
    Married, living with partner*0.840.890.871.52§1.040.79
    Education ≤ high school*0.980.800.63§1.000.940.55§
Health status
    Fair or poor self-reported health1.39§1.4§3.02§1.40§2.35§2.78§
    Body mass index ≥30*§2.2§1.32
Health problems during past 10 years*
    Heart disease1.451.81§2.06§1.231.361.57
    High blood pressure1.211.61§1.351.61§1.62§1.60§
    Lung disease1.791.422.24§1.492.94§2.34§
    Chronic back pain1.73§1.65§2.72§1.401.852.19§
    Arthritis or related conditions1.71§1.97§2.66§1.52§1.84§2.20§
    Joint pain, stiffness, or aching in previous 30 days1.862.00§3.59§1.44§1.97§2.16§
    Current smoker1.310.951.87§1.391.78§1.48§
    Physical health “not good” ≥6 days in previous month1.86§1.69§3.44§1.422.43§2.67§
    Mental health “not good” ≥6 days in previous month2.00§1.58§3.86§1.51§2.31§3.02§
    ≥4 days of limited activity in prior month due to physical or mental health problem2.10§2.05§3.88§1.392.01§2.22§
  • * Adjusted for age, race (African-American vs other), and sex.

  • P ≤ .05.

  • P ≤ .01.

  • § P ≤ .001.