Table 3.

Search Strategy and Selection of Articles Reviewed

Search Terms (“Intellectual Disability” OR “Mental Retardation” AND)Articles Identified* (n)Basic Science or Case Reports (n)OtherFinal Articles Reviewed (n)Final Articles Used (n)
“Cholesterol/ lipoproteins, LDL cholesterol/ Lipoproteins, HDL cholesterol”7969643
“Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1/ Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2”28161110
“Smoking Cessation [Methods, Psychology, Statistics and Numerical Data]”31022
“Colonic Neoplasms” or “Colonoscopy”2017122
“Breast cancer” or “Mammogram”1710343
“Pap smear” or “Cervical Cancer”20022
“Prostate Cancer”31022
“Skin Neoplasms”3325800
“Vision Screening” or “Vision” or “Vision Tests”572331412
“Hearing Disorders” or “Hearing Tests”116238675
“Mental Health” or “Depression”889572011
  • * Via Ovid/Medline search and/or bibliographies of articles reviewed.

  • Other reasons for elimination: pediatric subjects only, focused on a particular syndrome only (with the exception of Down syndrome), focused on treatment or intervention, not in English (or not translated), subject population included other types of cognitive impairment (such as dementia), or article did not address prevalence or screening.