Table 1.

Description of Dependent Variables in Diabetes Guidelines

Components and ItemsAdherence Measures
    HbA1c in the past 6 months    Acceptable: at least 3 of the items completed
    LDL in the past 12 months
    Microalbumin in the past 12 months
    BP at every visit
    Smoking status ever assessed
    HbA1c ≤8% or >8% and on a hypoglycemic agent    Acceptable: all items adhered to
    LDL ≤100 or >100 and on a lipid-lowering agent
    BP ≤130/85 or >130/85 and on an antihypertensive
    Urine microalbumin >30 and on angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin-receptor blocker
    HbA1c ≤7%    Acceptable: all values achieved
    LDL ≤t00    Partial: any 2 values achieved
    BP ≤130/85