Table 2.

OR, P values, and 95% CI for the effect of Clinical Information Systems Use (Measured as an Average of Clinician Usage Scores on Adherence to Diabetes Care Guidelines, Controlling for Patient- and Practice-Level Covariates)*

ORValue of PCI for OR
Identification of Patients
    Assessment0.790.2070.55, 1.14
    Treatment0.740.0980.87, 1.06
    Target (2 of 3)1.230.0071.06, 1.44
    Target (all 3)1.220.1920.91, 1.63
Tracking Systems
    Assessment1.100.5670.80, 1.51
    Treatment1.150.3300.87, 1.51
    Target (2 of 3)1.320.0021.11, 1.59
    Target (all 3)1.280.1000.95, 1.73
  • * Patient level covariates included age, gender, whether the person had a heart condition and/or hypertension. Practice level covariates included whether the practice uses an EMR and whether the practice is a solo or group practice.

  • For a 1-point increase in the score for “identification of patients” (on a scale of 1 to 5), the odds of appropriate assessment decrease by 21%.