Table 5.

Participant Statements about Participation in Treatment Decisions

No perceived choice:
  • They just handed me a drug and said go on it right now··· I felt rushed along, given a prescription, told this will fix it.

  • We never discussed any treatment plans. They just diagnosed and then gave me Zoloft and that’s it.

Lack of sufficient information to make a choice:
  • I just got the option that we got medication or counseling available. I don’t know what’s required of you and it was scary. I didn’t know how to ask any of these questions.

  • Just about medication. I don’t really feel like there were options except for the different types of medications, which might have different side effects. And I might decide which side effects I potentially have to deal with. It did seem that there were not any psychological components brought up.

Trust practitioner to make the choice:
  • I trust my doctor implicitly, so I didn’t question. I felt perhaps that she was making the best choice based on her knowledge of me, which was pretty vast… . I would probably like to see what other treatment options are. I fear getting confused by the onslaught of treatment options.

  • I’ve always been like going to a car mechanic–′Treat me. Just do what you need to do.′

Made an informed choice:
  • Yes, when we had the initial interview, he [PCP] left that open and up to me, whether to have some concurrent counseling along with medication or just try the medication. He left that up to me and facilitated that role or would refer me to someone else, whatever I wanted.