Table 3.

ORs and 95% CIs from General Linear Mixed Models Reporting Adjusted Effects of Counseling on Medication Outcomes (N = 1090 Medications)

Question for DoctorMedication Fill
Oral counseling for indications (none vs some)2.111.29 to 3.471.050.57 to 1.95
    Age0.980.96 to 0.99
    PMR vs EMR2.031.06 to 3.89
Oral counseling for medication indications and side effects (none vs some)0.590.34 to to 0.54
    Age0.980.96 to 0.99
    PMR vs. EMR2.051.08 to 3.91
Written information plus oral counseling (none vs some)0.360.18 to 0.732.641.21 to 5.77
    Race/ethnicity (Hispanic vs non-Hispanic)0.410.20 to 0.84
    Age0.980.96 to 1.00
  • — Variable not included in the model.