Table 5.

Correctable and Noncorrectable Errors by Field Type*

Field TypeError TypeFrequency
NumericWrong numeral (within range)37
Wrong numeral (outside range)3
Text error100
Missing (no data entered in field)43
DateWrong numeral (within range)20
Wrong numeral (outside range)2
Text error11
Missing (no data entered in field)10
Incorrect format or punctuation35
Missing (no data entered in field)0
Select option—genderIncorrect selection0
Missing (no data entered in field)2
Select option—pregnantIncorrect selection5
Missing (no data entered in field)22
Programming error18
Total noncorrectable error rate111 (2.3%)
Total error rate357 (7.3%)
  • * A total of 4900 fields. Correctable errors are those amenable to programmable validations. Noncorrectable errors (underlined) would have escaped programmed range checks, forced data entry (inability to proceed past an empty data field), and formatting.