Table 4.

Multiple Linear Regression for Nutritional Habit Score (N = 1424)

VariableEstimateSEP Value
    African American0.3630.198.067
    American Indian−0.1090.342.750
    White, non-Hispanicreference
    Not diabetic, low risk0.5380.215.013
    Not diabetic, high risk1.1640.199<.001
Male gender0.5710.148.001
Age (per year)−0.0410.005<.001
Practice location.003
Drinks alcohol−0.2620.162.106
Physically active 5 days/week, >30 minutes/day−0.2450.147.097
Self-reported health status as very good or excellent−0.1020.159.521
  • * Overall type 3 P value for race/ethnicity (4 df); additional pairwise comparisons in which P < .05 include African American versus Hispanic/Latino (P < .001) and American Indian versus Hispanic/Latino (P = .005).

  • Overall type 3 P value for diabetes status (2 df); P value for pairwise comparison of high and low risk nondiabetics is <0.001.

  • Overall type 3 P value for clinic location (3 df). Pairwise comparisons that are significant at P < .05 include A versus B (P = .004) and B versus C (P < .002).