Table 1.

Demographic and Health Status of Study Participants (N = 1714)*

Age (years)47.416.918.0, 94.9
    8th grade or less20011.8
    High school, no diploma20512.1
    High school graduate or GED50630.0
    Some college, no degree38722.9
    Associate’s degree1448.5
    Bachelor’s degree1518.9
    Postgraduate school or degree955.6
Married/living with partner105262.8
    African American27516.8
    White, non-Hispanic98260.1
    American Indian1247.6
Practice location
Current health problems
    Heart disease21012.7
    High blood pressure70041.6
    Lung disease975.9
    Stroke or mini-stroke724.4
    Chronic back pain47828.8
    Rheumatoid arthritis1509.1
Self-reported health
    Very good39223.0
Drinks alcohol53631.7
Engaged in physical activity in past week98159.5
Physically active 5 days/week, >30 minutes/day64239.0
Current smoker40123.6
Body mass index (BMI), 64.6
    Normal or underweight (BMI <25)41427.3
    Overweight (BMI 25–30)48431.9
Obese (BMI >30)62140.9
  • * The sample N includes all those who answered the nutritional habit questions. The sample size for individual characteristics varies from 1519 to 1711 because of missing data.

  • Includes 30 people classified as underweight (BMI <18.5).