Table 2.

Behavioral and Psychological Impact of Dysphagia*

ImpactNo. Who Have Talked with Physician about Dysphagia (%)No. Who Have Not Talked with Physician about Dysphagia (%)P
Concerned about dysphagia86 (63.2)50 (36.8)<.0005
Dysphagia affects eating out or eating with other people74 (67.9)35 (32.1)<.0005
Avoids certain foods38 (71.7)15 (28.3).001
Takes smaller bites51 (60.0)34 (40.0).058
Washes down food with liquids51 (56.7)39 (43.3).207
No medications for dysphagia symptoms45 (35.7)81 (64.3)<.0005
No diagnostic tests for dysphagia symptoms65 (89.0)8 (11.0)<.0005
  • * Data presented on χ2 analysis of patients with dysphagia only (n = 214), missing data not included.

  • Percentages are within group. For example, 63.2% patients who were concerned about their dysphagia spoke with their doctor about their symptoms.