Table 4.

MRI in Occult Breast Cancer

StudyType of StudyStudy PopulationNMean Age/RangeMajor Findings/Comments
Olson et al.45ProspectiveWomen with unknown primary and metastatic axillary adenocarcinoma; initial XRM, US, or PE was not diagnostic of malignancy4058(+) MRI correlated with breast tumor in 81% of cases overall; initial XRM, US, or PE was not diagnostic of malignancy
Henry-Tillman RS et al. (Dec 1999) (54)RetrospectivePatients with unknown primary, (+) axillary/supraclavicular lymphadenopathy, (−) XRM/CBE, and (+) MRI1036 to 68MRI was 100% accurate when correlated with pathology; 80% (N = 8) were (+) and primary breast CA was confirmed; 20% (N = 2) were negative and other primaries (ovarian CA and lymphoma) were identified
Orel SG et al. (Aug 1999) (55)ProspectivePatients with (+) axillary node metastasis, negative PE and XRM, and unknown primary2249Breast cancer was detected as the primary in 86% (N = 19) of cases; 17 were confirmed by pathology; 2 resolved on MRI follow-up during chemotherapy