Table 2.

Relationships of Variables of Interest to Linkage to Primary Care

CharacteristicNo. of Patients LinkedPercentage LinkedOR95% CIP
    Usual care7 of 45167.242.76 to 18.99<.001
    Intervention32 of 5657
Insurance with 3-month follow-up
    Yes37 of 83456.441.39 to 29.79.008
    No2 of 1811
Inpatient at hospital
    Yes15 of 55270.340.15 to 0.79.01
    No24 of 4652
Linked to mental health with 3-month follow-up
    Yes31 of 64483.291.30 to 8.30.01
    No8 of 3622
  • OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.