Table 2.

Selected Characteristics of Participating Patients at Baseline

CategoriesE-Mail Group(N = 67)Control Group(N = 33)
Age (years)
    30 to 491241.8721.2
    50 to 651735.81957.6
    Missing data51
Average number of years in practice8.611.3
Highest level of education completed
    High School1725.4618.2
    Graduate School2638.81236.4
    Missing data11
I find it easy to use e-mail
    Agree to strongly agree5886.52987.9
The number of hours spent using my computer each week
    <1 hour4600
    1 to 10 hours3349.31648.5
    10 to 20 hours1217.9515.2
    >20 hours1826.81133.3
    Missing data1
Use internet for*
    Health information47582369.7
  • * Responses are not mutually exclusive.