Table 5.

Logistic Regression of Factors (excluding flu shot status in 1998) Significantly Associated with Flu Shot in the Subsequent Year (1999)*

VariableBetaWald StatisticdfP Value
Disease burden−0.169651<.01
Level of education−0.122531<.01
HMO member in 19980.600521<.01
African American−0.686471<.01
No. of primary care claims−0.023291<.01
Current smoker−0.479281<.01
Hispanic ancestry−0.394121<.01
Urban resident−0.240121<.01
Household income0.0071<.05
Total no. of physician claims−0.00461<.05
  • * Flu shot: yes = 0, no = 1; for all categorical variables (African American, Hispanic ancestry, smoking, married?, HMO membership, living in urban area) yes = 0, no = 1.

  • Variables not statistically significant in the model: self-reported health status, level of disability, and number of specialist physician claims. R square of model = 0.115.