Table 3.

Responses to Items Regarding Self-Reported Behavior

Type of visit Participants were instructed: “Please indicate how often you have asked a patient about the possibility of Domestic Violence when you saw any of the following conditions in the last month. If you have not seen this condition in the past month, mark N/A. Please skip to the next section if you do not interview patients.”Number of respondents answering item*“Nearly always” or “always” assess for IPV [% (N)]
Injuries (bruises, lacerations, etc.)11435 (40)
Chronic pelvic pain11618 (22)
Irritable bowel syndrome11213 (14)
Headaches12912 (15)
Depression/anxiety13424 (32)
Coronary artery disease1041 (1)
Routine health maintenance exam12126 (32)
Pre-natal care8931 (28)
  • * The number of respondents varies by item because not all participants interviewed patients or saw these conditions in the past month.

  • The item regarding coronary artery disease was intended to measure social desirability bias and was not included in the summary score for the self-reported behaviors scale.