Table 2.

Distribution of Physician Sample and Atopyand Allergen Sensitivity by Region

TotalNE RegionSouthMidwestWest
Allergists (no.)41030
Family physicians (no.)52111
Pulmonologist (no.)40211
Number of patients21856468630
Overall atopic sensitivity (%)*6877616767
Elevated total IgE (%)4859394743
Sensitivity to ≥1 specific allergen (%)5968485763
Normal total IgE and ≥1 specific allergen sensitivity (%)2144393641
Elevated IgE by allergen sensitivity (%)
    Cat dander3243242740
    Dust mite2825303120
    Common ragweed2743222120
    Bermuda grass2230201720
    Rye grass111291117
  • * Sensitivity to one or more specific allergens and/or total serum IgE >114 kU/L,as determined by invitro serological testing.

  • Determined by invitro serological testing.

  • Dermatophagoides farinae.

  • § Alternaria alternata.