Table 1.

Sociodemographic Characteristics of Adults Living with HIV by Parental Status (N = 3810)*

CharacteristicTotal Sample (%)Custodial Parents of Minor Children (n = 401) (%)Noncustodial/Parents of Grown Children (n = 1319) (%)Nonparents (n = 2090) (%)PValue
Age in years, mean ± SD41.5 ± 7.638.9 ± 6.243.4 ± 7.440.7 ± 7.7<.0001
Behavioral risk group<.0001
    Heterosexual men19.
    African American48.359.662.836.9
Currently in a cohabiting primary relationship23.540.424.919.3<.0001
Educational attainment < high school graduation26.240.534.518.2<.0001
Currently residing in own house or apartment62.877.057.863.2<.0001
Current employment status<.0001
    Legal job, paying income taxes15.615.510.818.7
    Legal job, paid “under the table”13.613.012.315.6
    Illegal job0.
Receives public assistance32.554.136.925.5<.0001
  • * Information on parental status is missing for 8 participants.