Table 1.

Partial List of Factors from the Literature That Are Significantly Correlated with Rates of Influenza Immunizations

Demographic Factors
    Increases Flu shot rates
        Higher educational level2
        Increased age2,3
        Male and married2
        Increasing household income3
        Health care worker in family4
    Decreases flu shot rates
        Lack of health insurance3
        Living alone6
        Not having a driver6
Health Status and Behaviors
    Increases flu shot rates
        Previous vaccination7
        Greater disease burden2
        Fair or poor health status3
        Vigorous exerciser3
    Decreases flu shot rates
        Previous flu shot side effects3
        Cognitive impairment3
        Being healthier4,8
Health Service Use
    Increases flu shot rates
        Office visit during flu season9
        PCP discussed flu shots10
        3+ doctors visits in a year3
        Doctor recommendation11,12
        VA patient11,13
    Decreases flu shots
        Patient of inner city clinic11,13
Health System Organization
    Increases flu shot rates
        Computer reminder to doc14,15
        Walk-in vaccine clinics13,16,17
        Standing vaccine orders16,17
        Mailed patient reminders16–20
        Action-oriented pt reminder18
        Urban practice19