Table 1.

Demographic Characteristics for the 278 Participants

CharacteristicsN (%)
Professional role*
    Primary care providers70 (25)
    Medical support staff122 (44)
    Administrative staff56 (20)
    Other employees30 (8)
    Unknown9 (3)
Medical specialty (providers only)
    Family medicine32 (46)
    Internal medicine19 (27)
    Obstetrics/gynecology12 (17)
    Other7 (10)
Male sex26 (9)
Prior domestic violence training123 (62)
Self, family member, or close friend with history of domestic violence134 (59)
  • * Primary care providers include 48 physicians, 17 nurse practitioners, and 5 physician assistants; medical support staff include nurses, medical assistants, and technicians; administrative staff include clinic managers, receptionists, records clerks, and billing clerks; and other employees include social workers and community outreach workers. Nine nonphysician employees did not specify a clinical role.

  • Twenty of the 48 (42%) physicians were male.

  • Only 199 and 226 participants responded to questions about prior domestic violence training or personal experience with domestic violence, respectively.