Table 1.

Sample Characteristics

CharacteristicIntervention % (n = 56)Usual Care % (n = 45)Total % (n = 101)
    Average age (SD)37.9 (15.0)37.0 (10.9)37.5 (13.3)
    African American393337
    Annual income <$10,000748278
    High school grad/GED706467
Psychiatric diagnosis
    Mood disorder453842
    Adjustment disorder201819
    Anxiety disorder7119
    Psychotic disorder304236
    Substance use disorder394743
    Dual diagnosis*304236
Medical diagnosis
    At least one comorbidity504749
    Cardiovascular disease91813
    Chronic disease484246
  • * Dual diagnosis refers to having both a substance use disorder and any Axis I diagnosis.

  • Chronic disease includes diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, hyperlipidemia, stroke, arthritis, and asthma.