Table 1.

Indications for Colposcopy

Abnormal Papanicolaou
    ASC-US twice
    ASC-US with high risk HPV types
Cervical lesion
    Condyloma accuminata
Vaginal lesion
Vulvar lesion
    Genital warts
    Mole concerning for melanoma
Follow-up LEEP, cryotherapy, cone biopsy
Intrauterine diethylstilbestrol exposure
Sexual partner with genital warts or condyloma accuminata
Sexual abuse
  • * ASC-US, atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance; HPV, human papillomavirus; LSIL, low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion; HSIL, high grade SIL; AGC, atypical glandular cells; LEEP, loop electrosurgical excision procedure.