Table 2.

Identification and Management for Patients at Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer Based on Family Cancer History

Identification of persons at ‘increased risk’ because of family cancer history
    Ovarian cancer risk increased among:
        Women who have a mother and/or sister(s), daughter(s), or grandparent(s) with breast cancers and/or ovarian cancers, especially if one or more is diagnosed before age 50 years.
        Women with a personal or family history of breast, endometrial, or colorectal cancer.
Surveillance recommendations for persons at ‘increased risk’ because of family cancer history
    All ages:
        Evaluate comprehensive family history of cancer and overall health status of patient.
        Discuss risk status, and overall health status with patient, and plans for ongoing surveillance including possible referral to specialist, ultrasound monitoring, pelvic examination and CA-125 testing.
        Consider whether involvement in a prevention trial is an option.
        Consider a consultation with a genetic counselor for risk assessment and possible genetic testing.