Table 1.

Coagulation Work-up

Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3Reference Range
Presenting problemPE*PE/DVTDVT
Factor V Leiden mutationNPNPNP
Prothrombin gene mutationNPNPNP
Activated protein S1297611682% to 151%
Activated protein C78117265% to 122%
Antithrombin III activity711126685% to 130%
Antithrombin III antigen280215191 to 369 mg/L
Anti-cardiolipin IgG61018<15: − 15 to 20: ±
Anti-cardiolipin IgM131511<12.5: − 12.5 to 20: ±
Lupus anticoagulant screen ratio1.361.50<1.20
Protein S antigen (total)1446515372% to 152%
Protein C antigen81606176% to 158%
Factor X antigen529870% to 140%
Factor IX66
Factor VIII (done twice)27623924750% to 150%
  • * PE, pulmonary emboli; DVT, deep vein thrombosis; NP, not present.

  • Believed to be secondary to concomitant warfarin.

  • Percentage (%) is the same as international units/deciliter (IU/dL).

  • § Performed at a different laboratory; all others done by Stony Brook University Hospital Laboratory.