Table 1.

Factor Items for Three Scales Measuring Attitudes toward Mental Health Treatment (N = 95)

Factors (Chronbach’s Coefficient α)
Benefits of treatment (0.79)
    The doctor expressed confidence about the psychiatric medicine/referral* to me.
    Psychiatric medicine/mental health treatment will fix my particular problems.
    I understand why psychiatric medicine was prescribed to me/I was referred for mental health treatment.
    My doctor told me that the medicine/referral was important to my treatment.
Risks of treatment (0.74)
    I am concerned about possible side effects from psychiatric medicine.
    I am concerned about becoming addicted to psychiatric medicine.
    I would be uncomfortable or embarrassed if others knew I was taking psychiatric medicine/in psychotherapy.
    I have a good understanding of how medicine/psychotherapy is supposed to improve psychiatric problems.
    I have heard that psychiatric medicine/psychotherapy is helpful.
Readiness for treatment (0.58)
    Do you agree with your doctor that you need medicine/mental health treatment for these problems?
    I do not have a mental health problem.
    I feel poorly, but am not motivated to start treatment right now.
    I feel ready to take medication or begin psychotherapy.
Overall attitudes score (3 factors) Chronbach’s Coefficient α = 0.76
  • * Italics indicate that the wording of the question differed based on treatment group.