Table 2.

Gjakova Antenatal Care Partnership Results

  • 162 family medicine doctors and nurses completed antenatal care training

  • 9 family medicine centers implemented antenatal care in Gjakova municipality (100%); staggered roll-out over 10 months

  • 172 women received 254 antenatal care visits at family medicine centers (7% of population)

  • 25% early, appropriate identification of risk and referral to specialist (consistent with WHO-model expectations)

  • 28% of eligible women returned for postpartum visits

  • Antenatal care included clinical and educational care (see Figure 3)

  • Patient education highly valued by both patients and staff

  • Staff found provision of care “very rewarding”

  • Staff formed good relationships with patients

  • Staff developing relationships with obstetric colleagues

  • WHO, World Health Organization.