Table 3.

Volunteer Civic Service Activities by Community Practice and Faculty Family Physicians (N = 266) within Last 2 Years

Civic Activities% Participating
Community Practice(n = 145)Faculty(n = 121)P value
Giving health-related or other talks to community groups (students, scouts, Rotarians, church groups)
Working with community group on local health or nonhealth problem47.660.30.04
Participating in a health fair or local health/crisis hotline38.637.20.91
Serving on board of directors of local, state or national service organization24.135.50.04
Leading a church or other faith-based service program22.821.50.80
Member of a civic club or society (Kiwanis, Junior League)
Working with community group on state or national health or nonhealth problem14.530.60.00
Serving as an officer of local, state, or national service agency13.810.00.34
Received grant for service-related activity3.515.70.00
Lifetime (mean participation)