Table 2.

A Representative Sampling of Psychosocial and Lifestyle Questions Asked by Clinicians during Recorded Visits

DomainQuestionRIAS Code
Worries or concernsAny other concerns or anything?Psychosocial, open-ended
Emotional stateHow do you feel about that?Psychosocial, open-ended
Why were you upset with yourself?Psychosocial, open-ended
Workplace barriersWhat's happening with work?Lifestyle, open-ended
Have you talked to them about this?Lifestyle, closed-ended
Health habitsDrink a lot of alcohol?Lifestyle, closed-ended
Exercise regimenDid you do the exercises? Daily?Lifestyle, closed-ended (2)
Self-careAre these inserts in your shoes?Lifestyle, closed-ended
Work statusHave you been working or out of work totally?Lifestyle, closed-ended
Work habitsYou know you don’t have to work long shifts, right?Lifestyle, closed-ended
Injury factorsShoveling or just the snowplow?Lifestyle, closed-ended
RecreationWhat kind of sports do you play?Lifestyle, open-ended
Job modificationDid Mr. M. say you’re not able to work at all?Lifestyle, closed-ended
If I bumped you to 25 lb, would that change the work you can do?Lifestyle, closed-ended
Workplace exposuresDo you do a lot of that kneeling and crawling in your work?Lifestyle, closed-ended
Daily activitiesAre you back in your bed?Lifestyle, closed-ended
Job descriptionWhat kind of animals do you raise?Lifestyle, closed-ended
Lifting techniqueAre you lifting them with good body mechanics?Lifestyle, closed-ended
Daily activitiesHave you been raising your daughter by yourself?Lifestyle, closed-ended
Have you traveled recently?Lifestyle, closed-ended
  • RAIS, Roter Interaction Analysis System.