Table 2.

Educational Experience and Role Modeling in Community Service by Community Practice and Faculty Family Physicians (N = 266)

% Agree/Strongly Agree
Community Practice(n = 145)Faculty(n = 121)P value
Educational Experience
    I had strong interests in community service before medical school51.755.40.55
    My medical school encouraged me to perform community service41.038.90.76
    My medical school included training in community service36.422.50.02
    My residency encouraged me to perform community service36.650.00.02
    My residency included training in community service37.935.80.98
Role Modeling Promoting the Value of Community Service
    Church, religious or spiritual leaders55.653.20.71
    Friends or peers52.964.90.14
    Own children48.647.80.89
    Other physicians45.464.60.00
    Local figures or community leaders43.539.60.54
    Siblings and other relatives36.035.50.94