Table 2.

Intervention Components of the Rural Medical Scholars Program (RMSP)

Program ComponentTrack of Study
Main CampusBranch CampusRMSP
FM medical directorX
Pipeline recruitment programs*X
Admissions programs
    Regular committeeXX
    Rural subcommitteeX
    Special requirements
        8 years in rural AlabamaX
        FM/PC intentX
        GPA and MCAT thresholdsX
        Rural values/identity§X
Prematriculation Masters program
    Rural Community HealthX
    Rural FM preceptorX
Medical school location
    Preclinical in BirminghamXXX
    Clinical in branch campus**XX
  • * Rural Health Scholars Program for high school students and Rural Minority Health Scholars Program for college students.

  • Composed of one-third rural family physicians, one-third minority health professionals, and one-third branch campus faculty. A candidate is interviewed by one of each.

  • Thresholds for grade point average (GPA) and Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) are 3.3 and 24, respectively.

  • § Values and identity are assessed through interview.

  • Two semesters of Biochemistry are included.

  • Courses include Rural Occupational and Environmental Health, Rural Community Clinical Process, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Health Care Management, Behavioral Medicine, and Masters Major Paper.

  • ** The 2 branch campuses emphasize family medicine (FM); the Birmingham campus emphasizes subspecialties and bench research.

  • PC, primary care.