Table 4.

Youth/School and Educational/Professional Volunteer Activities by Community Practice and Faculty Family Physicians (N = 266) within Last 2 Years

Activities% Participating
Community Practice(n = 145)Faculty(n = 121)P value
Youth/school volunteer activity
    Mentoring students in summer service projects20.123.30.53
    Coaching or sponsoring children’s sports team15.98.30.06
    Serving as team physician for school or community sports17.422.50.30
    Leading local youth organization (eg, Boy/Girl Scouts)
    Lifetime (mean participation)
Educational/profession service activity
    Member of one or more professional organizations97.997.40.81
    Teaching medical or other health sciences students75.589.70.00
    Serving on committee of local, state or national health organization28.251.70.00
    Serving on board of directors for local, state, or national health organization12.530.10.00
    Committee chair of a local, state, or national health organization6.319.80.00
    Serving as elected officer for local, state, or national health organization8.412.90.25
    Working in international medical service (eg, Doctors Without Borders, medical missionary)
    Published article in peer-reviewed journal on community service0.77.80.01
    Lifetime (mean participation)