Table 1.

Demographics of Community Practice and Faculty Family Physicians

VariableCommunity Practice(n = 145)Faculty(n = 121)P value
Age in years (mean)44.444.40.99
Sex (%)
Race (%)
    African American10.64.2
Work status (%)
Practice location (%)
Type of medical school attended (%)
Percentage of work in direct care to patients (1, 0–24%; 2, 25–49%; 3, 50–74%; 4, 75–100%)3.862.520.00
Time to drive from home to office (minutes)17.518.10.71
Years in current practice (mean)
Spouse working outside of home (%)
Number of children younger than age 10 (mean)
Approximate debt load upon finishing medical school ($)36,29527,0950.07
Hours of community service within last year (mean)45.570.80.06
Number of volunteer activities last 2 years (mean)
Number of lifetime volunteer activities (mean)16.720.80.00