Table 2.

Most Prevalent Medical Misadventures in Family Medicine Closed Claims 1985–20086

Medical MisadventureClosed Claims (n)Paid Claims (n)Paid to Closed (%)Average Indemnity ($)
Errors in diagnosis8,7263,23537.1185,615
None noted4,5873718.1168,727
Improper performance3,8861,45437.4128,618
Failure to supervise or monitor case2,57083832.6163,598
Medication errors2,50081132.4109,758
Failure or delay in referral or consultation90542146.5192,261
Failure to perform79435544.7199,708
Failure to recognize a complication of treatment75926935.4160,775
Failure to instruct or communicate with patient57615727.3179,535
Delay in performance57327447.8211,826