Table 2.

Data Reviewed for Qualitative Analysis

Meeting notesProject meetings conducted before, during, and at the end of the project• Agenda and minutes
• E-mail communications
• Original grant application
Navigator logTool used to track activities of navigator, focus navigator debriefings, and select patients for interviews.• Medical conditions of patients
• Number of contacts made
• Services provided
• Patient barriers
• Community resources accessed
Navigator debriefings1-hour telephone sessions every 2–4 weeks with research team member• Audio recordings and transcriptions
Helped navigator reflect on her work and allowed her to discuss experiences with patients so detailed notes were not needed
Patient interviewsIn-depth telephone interviews (15–45 min) with 15 patients or their family members• Audio recordings and transcriptions
Conducted at the end of the project. Patients were purposely selected by the research team after review of navigator logs to maximize richness and variability of patient experiences
Included patients who did not need many services
Physician interviewsIn-depth, face-to-face interviews (20–40 min) with all participating physicians• Audio recordings and transcriptions
Conducted at the beginning and end of the project