Table 3.

Navigation Assistance Provided by the Patient Navigator

IssueAssistance Provided
Choosing, understanding, and using health coverage• Assisted with medical claim submissions
• Assisted with charity care applications
• Reviewed coverage of long-term care policies
• Reviewed Medicare requirements and provided assistance in obtaining specialized equipment
• Obtained financial resources and information on social security benefits
• Identified pharmaceutical companies that provide free/low-cost drugs
• Researched options for coverage of organ transplantation
• Identified and referred patients to low-cost/free dental care
• Identified and referred patients to free bereavement counseling
• Assisted in applying for loan for air conditioning installation for disabled
• Obtained letter of necessity for physician
Choosing, using, and understanding health providers and services• Made referrals for home health aides
• Identified adult day care centers and agencies providing live-in caregivers for elderly
• Obtained information on assisted living facilities and low-cost senior housing
• Obtained and relayed information on guardianship and power of attorney
• Identified resources to help visually impaired patients
• Facilitated a blind patient's move to subsidized senior housing
• Obtained Meals on Wheels for patients
• Provided information on transportation services for doctor's appointments
• Obtained information on medic alert devices
• Located and referred to alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs
• Made referrals for child special education services
• Identified and referred patients to child and geriatric psychiatrists
• Identified and referred patients to difficult to find specialists (eg, autoimmune specialist, physical therapy for balance problems)
• Located and coordinated low cost housekeeping services
Making decisions about treatment• Provided emotional support and encouragement in obtaining psychological counseling
• Obtained advance directives from patients
• Supported parents in sending child to residential treatment facility
Managing conditions and care received by multiple providers• Followed up with specialists to obtain test results and reports
• Relayed information between patients/family members and physicians
• Assisted with phone calls for deaf patient going for surgery