Table 1.

Clinical Impact of Computerized Electrodiagnostic Testing (n = 100)

Pretest DXnImpact on Pretest DX (%)Changed Management
Confirmed DX*Changed DX*Expanded DX
Carpal tunnel syndrome3476.50.020.641.2
Diabetic PN1855.65.616.722.2
Other PN1136.427.318.227.3
LSR or PN2060.
Total [n (95% CI)]10059 (49–68)14 (8–22)18 (12–27)30 (22–40)
  • * Homogeneity among the pretest diagnostic categories rejected by contingency χ2 test at P < .1.

  • DX, diagnosis; LSR, lumbosacral radiculopathy; PN, polyneuropathy.