Table 4.

Open-Ended Questions to Elicit Patient Information about Psychosocial and Workplace Factors

Psychosocial DomainRecommended Open-Ended Interview Questions
Physical job demandsAre you concerned about resuming any particular job tasks?
Ease of job modificationDo you think your work might be modified to ease your transition back to work?
Job stressIs that a stressful type of work?
Workplace social supportHow do you think your supervisor and co-workers will react?
Return-to-work expectationsAny other concerns about returning to work?
Fear of reinjuryWhy do you think you have the pain? Are you worried about more serious injury?
Job commitment and tenureHave you been doing this type of work for long?
Fear avoidance beliefsDo you have any fears about your pain?
What do you fear the most?
Pain catastrophizingWhat does your pain mean for your body?
Depressed moodAny history of mood problems?
High distress/angerHow are you managing with the pain?
Why do you think you have the pain?
Low self-efficacyWhat are the best ways that you cope with pain?
Symptom expectationsHow severe is your pain?
How long do you think it will last?
Pain behavior/lifestyleWhat are the biggest problems that your pain will cause for you?