Table 3.

Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results 5-Year Survival Rates* among the US Population, 1975 to 1977 and 1999 to 2005, by Selected Primary Cancer Site

Survival Rates by Age (%)
0–14 Years0–19 Years
All sites, all races58.181.361.681.0
Hodgkin lymphoma80.595.486.095.5
Wilms tumor73.191.272.691.2
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia57.689.054.185.1
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma43.586.344.684.4
Soft tissue61.
Brain and central nervous system56.973.858.874.2
Bone and joint49.971.850.468.5
Acute myeloid leukemia18.860.218.755.0
  • * Rates are based on follow-up of patients into 2006.