Table 3.

Published Studies of Electrodiagnostic Clinical Outcomes

ReferenceStudies (n)Diagnosis Before Test (%)Diagnosis After Test (%)
CTSLSR/PNOther*AbnormalConfirmedChanged Plan
Current study10034.066.0088.059.030.0
Kothari et al, 19954412626.
Kothari et al, 19983710017.527.055.678.049.046.0
Lo et al, 2002453481000056.348.6NA
Cho et al, 200446440100081.838.641.0
  • * Cervical radiculopathy; brachial and lumbosacral plexopathy; focal neuropathies (radial, ulnar, peroneal, proximal median, tibial); motor neuron disease; myasthenia gravis; and myopathy.

  • CTS, carpal tunnel syndrome; LSR, lumbosacral radiculopathy; PN, polyneuropathy.