Table 3.

Weight-based Measures at Baseline and End of Study

Control (n = 30)Treatment (n = 36)Effect Size
Visits (mean, SD)*3.6 (1.3)3.7 (1.4)
BMI percentile
    Baseline (median)9999
    Change (median)00
    Lost 2 points (n)41−0.45
    Change (mean)+6.5+10.2−0.23
    Maintained BMI (n)10100
Lost weight (n)35+0.12
Met AMA weight loss targets (n)77−0.10
  • * Number of visits (of 6 scheduled) attended by patient, with height and weight data.

  • No difference between groups; Fisher's exact test, P = .17.

  • BMI, body mass index; AMA, American Medical Association.