Table 3.

Mean Scores on Attitudes and Factor Aanalysis (n = 455)

QuestionsMean score (SD) (1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree)Factor 1* “Self-efficacy”Factor 2 “Reimbursement”Factor 3 “Resources”Factor 4§
Overweight counseling is not effective.2.40 (0.949)0.732
There is little family physicians can do to treat/manage overweight.2.28 (0.993)0.720
How effective is your counseling about overweight management?2.38 (0.690)−0.713
How effective is your counseling about prevention of obesity?2.35 (0.662)−0.687
There is no evidence physicians can prevent overweight.2.43 (1.039)0.661
Family physicians can help prevent childhood overweight.3.94 (0.970)−0.660
I don't think screening will make a difference.2.10 (1.011)0.608
There are effective means of treating overweight.3.17 (0.999)−0.581
There are good treatment options for overweight.2.76 (1.096)−0.546
My patients do not find these services helpful.2.59 (0.975)0.540
I don't find dietitian/weight-management services helpful.2.28 (0.993)0.539
How comfortable do you feel discussing overweight with overweight patients and their parents?3.28 (0.692)−0.4580.421
I am not interested in addressing overweight prevention/management.1.62 (0.763)0.448
Family physicians should address childhood overweight during well-child visits.4.55 (0.707)−0.415
How well prepared do you feel you are to counsel patients and their parents about overweight?3.06 (0.674)−0.4540.513
The AAFP recommendations on overweight screening are easy to follow.3.30 (0.686)−0.400
Weight management programs are not covered by insurance.3.95 (0.939)0.575−0.420
Dietitian services are not covered by insurance.3.60 (1.11)0.687
Many of my patients are not able to pay for uncovered services.4.28 (0.942)0.475
There is a lack of tools to assist with BMI calculations.1.87 (0.985)0.537
It is more important to reduce fast food/soft drink availability in the community and at home than to counsel about overweight.3.16 (1.197)0.426
I do not want to offend families by talking about weight.2.04 (1.019)0.432
Variance explained (%)17.35.745.075.071
  • * Eigenvalue of 7.439.

  • Eigenvalue of 2.468.

  • Eigenvalue of 2.181.

  • § Eigenvalue of 1.927.

  • 4-point scale.

  • AAFP, American Academy of Family Physicians; BMI, body mass index.