Table 1.

Key Words and Search Strategy

Search strategy for Medline(network*(ti) AND (health care(ti) OR practice*(ti) OR research(ti) OR primary care(ti) OR primary health(ti)) OR pbrn(tw) OR (“Community Networks” (MeSH) OR “Group Structure”(MeSH)) AND ("Primary Health Care"(MeSH) OR “Family Practice”(MeSH) OR “Physicians, Family”(MeSH) OR gp(tw) OR ([general OR family] AND [physician* OR practi* OR doctor*]) OR “primary care” OR “primary health care”)
English key words*“network” combined with “primary care” or “research” or “practice-based” or “general practice” or “pcrn”
Dutch key words“academisering” or “netwerk” or “werkplaats” combined with “academisch” or “huisarts”
  • * Used for Embase and Google.

  • Used for Picarta and Google.