Table 1.

Incentives Important to Monroe County Physicians for Participating in Research

Total (n = 185)Internal Medicine (n = 70)Family Medicine (n = 37)Pediatrics (n = 78)P
Intellectual stimulation65.460.064.970.5.41
Contribution to clinical knowledge75.175.770.376.9.74
Recognition from patients16.817.113.518.0.83
Recognition from colleagues21.218.829.719.2.36
Opportunity to enact quality improvement77.872.978.482.1.40
Change of pace31.030.027.833.3.82
Additional income source30.441.424.323.4.04
Interaction with colleagues around research issues52.445.754.157.7.34
Method to gain continuing education credits or Maintenance of Certification49.248.648.750.0.98
Opportunity to shape research questions, projects, and journal articles35.128.654.132.1.02
Academic advancement/recognition36.241.427.035.9.34
  • Values provided as percent. Bolded values indicate statistical significance.