Table 1.

Sample Characteristics by Type of Domestic Violence

CharacteristicsTotal (%) (n = 382)Nonvictims (%) (n = 319)Victims of Emotional Abuse Only (%) (n = 37)Victims of Physical and/or Sexual Abuse (%) (n = 26)P
Age (years).540
    African American77.076.583.873.1
Educational level completed.131
    ≤High school43.040.359.553.8
    Some college35.236.524.334.6
    College completed21.823.316.211.5
Marital status.767
Smoking status.520
    Ever a smoker44.343.048.455.0
    Never a smoker55.757.051.645.0
Drug use within the past year.172
Alcohol use within the past year.578
Family history of breast cancer.037
Family history of cervical cancer.302
Physician visits during the past year (n).020
Body mass index.332
    Underweight/normal weight17.417.123.512.5
Practice location
    Faculty practice A58.457.170.357.7.690
    Faculty practice B16.216.313.519.2
    Faculty practice C16.016.310.819.2
  • * n ≤ 1.

  • Significance levels using χ2 test.