Table 2.

Checklist to Evaluate Methodological Quality of Primary Care Research Networks

Content validity1. Do authors report that they reviewed relevant literature to identify previous research that have been done in the area and/or previous tools?
2. Do authors report the involvement of experts/peer groups in the development of the tool and/or item-selection/item-reduction process?
3. Do authors report the outcomes of the level of agreement among experts reflecting the content relevance of the proposed measurement areas/items?
Reliability4. Do the authors describe the tool and measurement method in sufficient detail to permit replication?
5. Do authors report the results of intra and/or inter-reliability tests?
Feasibility6. Do authors report that the acceptability and measurability of the measurement items and feasibility of the tool were tested in a pilot study
7. If the authors did not perform a pilot study, has the tool been applied once otherwise?
8. Do authors report other (empirical) evidence that the measurement quality of the tool has been examined?
Practice investment9. Do authors provide sufficient information to evaluate the time investment?
10. Do authors provide information about the costs of an assessment/evaluation using this tool?
  • All questions were answered as yes or no.