Table 4.

Proportion of Patients Prescribed Any Antidepressant Medication by Comorbidity (n = 1513)

ComorbidityPatients Who Were Prescribed an Antidepressant (%)Likelihood of Being Prescribed Antidepressant
Patients with ComorbidityPatients without ComorbidityOdds Ratio*95% CI
Coronary heart disease67.177.40.720.43–1.20
Cerebrovascular disease65.277.20.700.37–1.33
Congestive heart failure71.476.90.960.37–2.54
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease72.677.00.970.51–1.84
Any comorbidity72.278.10.870.63–1.21
  • * Odds ratios for patients who have a comorbidity compared to patients who do not have a comorbidity, adjusted for age and sex.