Table 2.

Family Physicians’ Practices during Children's Well Visits (n = 445)

n (%)
Measure height and weight during most or every visit422 (99)
Visually assess for overweight for children >2     years old
    During every well visit329 (76)
    During most well visits96 (22)
Compute BMI for children >2 years old
    During most or every well visit195 (45)
    During some well visits130 (30)
    Never or rarely41 (10)
Plot BMI for children >2 years old
    During most or every well visit132 (31)
    During some well visits83 (20)
    Never or rarely111 (26)
Use of BMI calculation tools
    BMI wheel140 (36)
    BMI calculator117 (30)
    EHR111 (29)
    PDA99 (26)
    CDC BMI table/chart77 (20)
    Wall chart61 (16)
    Handheld calculator21 (5)
Topics discussed with all patients
    Breastfeeding370 (86)
    Physical activity367 (84)
    5-a-day fruits and vegetables346 (80)
    Screen time290 (67)
    Sugar-sweetened beverages271 (63)
    Snacks209 (48)
    Fast food/dining out174 (40)
    Food pyramid91 (21)
  • BMI, body mass index; EHR, electronic health record; PDA, personal digital assistant; CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Note: n varies due to missing data.