Table 3.

Description of the Identified Tools for the Evaluation of Primary Care Research Networks

Name/AuthorConcept of InterestProposed Domains of Interest for PCRNs EvaluationIndicators (n)
Objective-based framework/ Clement et al. (2000)PCRN effectiveness in terms of realizing predefined and agreed objectivesPredefined and agreed objectives for PCRNs:
  1. To develop a network infrastructure

  2. To develop research capacity of primary care participants (PCPs)

  3. To increase the number/quality of research projects led by PCPs

  4. To increase the use of research findings by PCPs

  5. To increase the number/quality of research projects in which PCPs collaborate

  6. To increase the number/quality of research projects in which PCPs participate

  7. To provide a network that PCPs find acceptable

Evaluation tool kit/Harvey et al. (2000)PCRN suitable for purpose and potential productivity in terms of producing knowledge and creating ideas and intellectual capitalOrganizational and management dimensions which create social and intellectual capital for PCRNs:
  1. Strategic emphasis

    1. Winner focus capacity-building

    2. Practitioner capacity-building

  2. Policy

    1. Composition of executive

    2. Direction of decision making

  3. Network structure

    1. Strength of center

    2. Hierarchy (direction of power and resources)

  4. Research infrastructure

    1. Governance of research

    2. Mechanisms for identifying research needs

    3. Mechanisms for encouraging research ideas

    4. Route of research ideas into projects

    5. Mechanisms for supporting research

    6. Mechanisms for evaluating research

  5. Network processes

    1. Leadership style

    2. Cultural cohesion

    3. Trust relationships

  6. Process facilitation

    1. Ease of joining the network

    2. Mechanisms for enabling inter-relationships

    3. Multidisciplinary

    4. Mechanisms for publicizing the network

    5. Mechanisms for allowing feedback

    6. Ease of contacting support

  7. Network boundaries

    1. Relationships with partner organizations

    2. Relationships with other networks

  8. Self-evaluation by network

    1. Data collection

  • PCRN, primary care research network; PCP, primary care physician.